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HUMANE Annual Conference, Paris, November 4-5

Annual Conference - Paris

Sustaining public confidence in our universities:
public affairs, impact and influence

Collège de France (FR), November 4-5, 2021


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Places are limited so register early to secure your place.

HUMANE is pleased to announce that our two day Annual Conference will this year be hosted by Collège de France in Paris. The theme is Sustaining public confidence in our universities: public affairs, impact and influence. Register early for what promises to be a lively event where all of our members can come together again to network as well as engage with one another around the topical theme of public affairs leadership and management.

2021 HUMANE Summer School

2021 Berlin Summer School

2021 Berlin Summer School
Freie Universität Berlin, September 19 to 24


Hosted by our partner, the Freie Universität Berlin, the 2021 programme will be delivered in a hybrid format, with four compact online sessions held between May and September, when the residential school commences. Click here to view the full online and residential programme.

The application deadline is Thursday 29 April, 2021.

Places are limited so apply early to secure your place.

The programme is an intensive, hands-on, peer learning experience. The Summer School will extend your transformation management skills, broaden your international professional networks and enhance your personal impact.

Read what our participants over the past couple of years say about their Berlin Summer School experience here.

HUMANE webinar and workshop: Designing the Total Student Experience for a Digital Era - 18 March

Designing the Total Student Experience for a Digital Era

Interactive workshop & webinar

March 18 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET


12 months in, we now understand all too well that the pre- and post-COVID worlds are dramatically different.

In the pre-COVID world, most Universities followed a standard playbook for supporting the student experience. But since the first lockdowns of 2020 and the rapid shift to online teaching and support, that playbook has been openly questioned. Many institutions now feel that they are scrambling to meet student expectations of online provision and support.

What do we know about post-COVID student expectations and their levels of satisfaction with online provision? What have we learned so far about delivering an effective digital student experience? What role will ubiquitous digitisation have on student experience strategy and delivery? What are the other big changes underway amplifying technological changes and their impact on the student experience?

These are just some of the issue we hope to explore in our interactive workshop and webinar, delivered with our partner EAB, about designing a Total Student Experience in a Digital Era.

This free 90-minute programme aims to offer a peer learning experience for our members and senior leaders of the student experience, using a combination of small group workshops and plenary webinar sessions.

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HUMANE Webinar - Designing the student experience of tomorrow - 5 November

HUMANE autumn webinar programme
No way back: opportunities emerging in a post-Covid world


Designing the student experience of tomorrow:
three scenarios for a post-Covid world

Thursday 5th November 14.00–15.00 CET

We are pleased to announce that registrations are now open for this event, to be delivered in partnership with EAB. Registration is free and open to HUMANE members and residential school alumni.

The rapid impact of demographic ageing, and the application of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Realty and Big Data to new models of higher education pre-dated Covid, but the pandemic has accelerated consideration of these matters at a breakneck pace.

What will students’ experience of higher education look like in a world where life expectancy in Western Europe will increase to 100 years?; where embedded education technology will not be the exception, but the norm?; where the average shelf-life of knowledge imparted in a typical undergraduate degree programme will continue to decline, but more rapidly?; where the rates of participation in forms of higher education, will continue to grow?

Conducted in collaboration with our partner, EAB, our 5 November webinar will explore these and other questions through the lens of three potential scenarios. We’ll consider the big trends playing out on both sides of the pandemic, in a lively and engaging webinar format making liberal use of online collaboration tools.

Take a step into the future…and register now to secure your place!

HUMANE Webinar - The future of international student mobility in a post-Covid world - 21 October

HUMANE autumn webinar programme
No way back: opportunities emerging in a post-Covid world


The future of international student mobility

Wednesday October 21st 12.00–13.00 CEST

Registration is free and open to HUMANE members and residential school alumni.

For a generation universities have enthusiastically pursued international strategies. Different institutions have prioritised different dimensions of internationalisation, but international student mobility has been a central feature of almost all institutions’ international engagement strategies.

The early evidence indicates that the impact of Covid on international mobility in many European higher education systems has been minimal. In other systems such as Australia’s, the decline in numbers has been catastrophic.

But as the Covid crisis continues to linger, what is the long term outlook for institutions' international strategies? Will we quickly slip back to a version of a pre-Covid world? Or will Covid, combined with a heightened awareness of the carbon footprint of international mobility fundamentally change things?

Our next autumn webinar will attempt to canvass these and many other questions. Three panellists will briefly speak to various aspects of the webinar topic, followed by a discussion where panellists will respond to your comments, questions and observations. We're looking forward to a lively and informative debate so we look forward to welcoming you.

The panellists are:

  • Dirk Mulder, a former International Director in several Australian universities and now the Principal of MulderPR
  • Dora Longoni, International Director at the University of Padua
  • Bart Van De Laar, Programme Leader - International Strategy at Utrecht University

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